The founders team has extensive experience at leadership level in multi-billion dollar businesses, certified industry knowledge and are serial startups co-founders in Silicon Valley. They have proven experience in building large-scale online platforms and are sought-after cybersecurity experts that have collaborated successfully as a team since 2008.

Our vision is to turn cybersecurity from a time-consuming and manual process to an effective and efficient shield for any online business.

More than shielding SMBs from cyberthreats, the founders work to prepare them for Quantum Computers attacks ahead of time.


Quantimatter targets Small & Medium Businesses that have Online shops, Web portals or Commercial web services in Europe and the US. We partner with IT Service providers and sell through other SMB channels to deliver affordable and convenient access to our Cybersecurity testing platform.

Quantimatter was founded in 2020 to address gaps in SMB Cybersecurity testing that leaves hundreds of businesses with an online presence vulnerable to Cyber threats. By using testing automation and offering a subscription model (pay-per-use) we disrupt the Cyber assessment industry while providing SMB companies a robust way to strengthen their online business.

After an initial pre-seed investment and graduating from the Startup Bootcamp in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in February 2021, the Quantimatter team launched the BETA platform with 20+ pilot users in Europe and the USA.

We are currently building more traction with our free subscription and building out the automated Cybersecurity testing platform to include advanced pen testing features and integration for partner solutions. As the team scales our business we expect to initiate a Series A raise round in 2022.

“Quantum computers are no longer a dream. We don’t know yet if good nor bad, time will tell how humans decide to use them. This means that quantum computers can be a danger and/or a contribution to our world. We want to be prepared for any case. Quantum testing basically protects you from threats from the future, from unknown unknowns.”


CEO & CISO / Co-founder